Yediah Purple Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

Yediah Purple Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace


Yediah, meaning 'God is my Salvation' in Hebrew, is a collection that represents Miriam’s Christian faith. The figure of 8 shaped swirl represents eternity and the hope of Jesus Christ. This delicate jewellery set will bring real elegance to any outfit.

Featuring purple freshwater cultured pearls, the Yediah necklace measures 18 inches long by 0.25 inches wide. The Yediah design is also available as a bracelet and earrings to create a matching set.

Sterling silver is the most popular of the world’s silver alloys. Made up of 92.5% silver combined with copper and other metals, sterling silver is a beautiful bright white colour, durable and hardwearing.

Probably the most loved gems, pearls occur in a wide variety of colours. Cultured pearls are created through the deliberate insertion of a bead or piece of tissue that the mollusc coats with nacre. Over time the irritation of the bead causes the mollusc to secrete more coating. This coating then grows in size to form a pearl.

Pearls are the birthstone for the month of June and the gem of the third and thirtieth anniversaries.

(Gemstone information from GIA Encyclopaedia)

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