Meridian Juliet Longline

Meridian Juliet Longline


This beautiful, statement piece is an elegant piece of jewellery that would suit evening or bridal wear. Featuring Swarovski crystals, the Meridian Juliet Longline necklace is 23 inches long on delicate beading chain. The necklace has three strands of sterling silver chain, each featuring Swarovski crystals in different shapes. The Meridian collection also has earrings and a bracelet available which would look beautiful as a matching set.

Sterling silver is the most popular of the world’s silver alloys. Made up of 92.5% silver combined with copper and other metals, sterling silver is a beautiful bright white colour, durable and hardwearing.

Swarovski crystals are not a gemstone or a crystal but a form of glass created at high temperatures by melting silicon oxide powders together with lead to create a lead crystal. The lead content increases the crystals refraction to resemble a diamond. The diamond-style effect is increased by the precision cut and polish process giving the crystal a high-quality finish. Both of these processes are patented by Swarovski. The crystals are often then given an Aurora Borealis coating to create a rainbow-like appearance similar to that of a diamond. Swarovski crystals are susceptible to scratching and chipping but are harder than standard glass.

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